about us

We set out to bring our customers genuine Vietnamese cuisine and warm customer service. In addition to SEN Estoril, where you can eat slowly and enjoy authentic food with a unique view of the sea, we now have a new space: SEN Colombo, in Lisbon. In this new space, the service has been adapted to the rhythm of everyone's day-to-day life, where the dishes are prepared quickly, without compromising the flavour that characterizes them so much. We will also be opening another space soon: SEN Baixa-Chiado, in the heart of the capital.



Our Vietnamese chef, part of the couple who dreamt up SEN, strives to find the balance – also a key element of Vietnamese cuisine – between his homeland ingredients and local foods. There is food imported from Vietnam, as well as groceries bought by our own chef at local markets. Portugal’s own similarities to Vietnamese cuisine in terms of ingredients is what makes this delicate balance possible and our dishes even more flavorsome.


the story


SEN was born from a family dream. It was created by Nguyen Kieu Trang (Tracy) and Pham Trung Hieu (Henry), who were born in Vietnam and met when they were still in school, becoming best friends. From best friends to a couple, they travelled through Europe, enriched their studies in Switzerland, and later found in Portugal a unique connection with their own culture, which made them stay and build a life here.


“Sen" means lotus in Vietnamese. The lotus plant persevered for millions of years, being one of the last survivors of the Nelumbonaceae family. It adapted to grow on swamps, survive even in freezing temperatures and defy ageing. The lotus is strong yet its flower is beautiful and delicate. At SEN, we strive to live up to that name, by working hard to share our passion of food and hospitality with our clients, building a brand that will carry on blooming for times to come

the origin


In 2017 our family opens their first restaurant in Algarve, by the name SEN Tonkin, which would become a favourite of locals and visitors alike, gaining recognition for their delicious Vietnamese culinary and outstanding customer service. The first restaurant’s achievements meant that their concept was worthwhile, so the couple decides to invest in a rebranding and brings a new and improved SEN to Estoril in 2022.

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