Our Vietnamese chef, part of the couple who dreamt up SEN, strives to find the balance – also a key element of Vietnamese cuisine – between his homeland ingredients and local foods. There is food imported from Vietnam, as well as groceries bought by our own chef at local markets. Portugal’s own similarities to Vietnamese cuisine in terms of ingredients is what makes this delicate balance possible and our dishes even more flavorsome.


Vietnamese cuisine is inherently healthy, rich in vegetables, spices, and herbs, resulting in a surprising combination of guilt-free nourishing food and delightful taste. 

All ingredients have a unique flavour that complements our recipes, but we have not forgotten those with dietary restrictions.

Here there is always a dish that suits each of us.


In here you will find a little bit of everything: from mouthwatering beef pho to tasty vegan curry, crispy spring rolls and soft-shell crab salad, all the way into an amazing artisanal ice cream, accompanied by lychee cocktails, Vietnamese coffee and much more.

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